Pest Control:

We use the latest techniques and products to rid your home of all crawling insect and arachnids. If you have lived with Scorpions, your fight is now over. We have studied Scorpions for years and we will give you your home back.

Ants – Cockroaches – Crickets – Earwigs – Pantry Pest – Rodents (Rats and Mice) – Silverfish – Spiders – Scorpions – and yes, I will take on German Roaches


I will do all Termite Pre Treatments, Spot Treatments, and Post Treatments. I will even finish the Follow Up Warranty’s from other companies for a better rate than what you are now paying.

But, nothing compares to Termidor. I will beat any price you have from another company for pest control, but when it comes to a termite treatment, I will only use Termidor. Because Termidor is much more expensive, I will not be able to beat all quotes on Termite Treatments. There are products out there that can be used on your home for Termites that cost as little as 1/10th of the cost of Termidor but they will not hold up to the high standard of Termidor.


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