Organic Products

Organic Products

If you choose, Sample Pest Control can treat your home with only 100% organic products. But, just because a product is organic, does not mean it is safe. For your and my safety, I will use a combination of synthetic and organic products that I have researched and know to be of very low toxicity. Just about everything we use will be about 1000 times less toxic than Nicotine.

Along with our products below, we have added the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Sodium Chloride (salt) and Nicotine. What to specifically look for is something called and LD50(Lethal Dose 50%). This means that the product is tested and a number generated(mg to kg) on how much of the product will kill 50% of a particular population. So, the higher the number of the LD50, the lower the Toxicity. For example, if the LD50 is 300, then this means that if you weighed a Kilogram, then you would have to ingest 300 Milligrams to get a 50/50 shot of having a Lethal Dose.

For Reference:


MSDS Nicotine

Our Product List:

Ascend Fire Ant Bait Label MSDS

Borid Label MSDS

Termidor Label MSDS


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